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Excan Trading Ltd. is an Import/Export business that specializes in Food and Restaurant related products. The President, Kikuma Yamaguchi, has been in the food and hospitality industry for almost thirty years. Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Excan has been serving its customers in North America and Asia for over twenty years. Although Excan's primary business has been supplying furniture and building supplies to restaurants, it has recently expanded into other sectors namely antique furniture and reproductions, as well as decorative items such as light fixtures and moldings.

Excan has also been consulting and designing restaurants for over ten years now. Kikuma Yamaguchi was the first to introduce the Woodstone Pizza Oven (www.woodstone-corp.com) to Japan which is now being used by many renowned restaurants, such as Universal Studios, California Pizza Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck, Apple Ivy group and others throughout Japan.



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